T-NAWDEX Workshop 2013



Workshop on scientific aims of a future

THORPEX-North Atlantic Waveguide and

Downstream Impact Experiment (T-NAWDEX)


Karlsruhe, Germany, March 20th 2013


Aim of the workshop:

In the last months some important steps were made to revive the planning process of a future international field experiment T-NAWDEX on both sides of the Atlantic. In November 2012 the T-NAWDEX idea of a HALO campaign focusing on atmospheric dynamics, as a joint initiative of LMU Munich and DLR Oberpfaffenhofen, was elected by the official committee, deciding on the use of the research aircraft HALO, as one of the missions that should be realized within the next five years and was scheduled for the year 2016. In the US interested colleagues discussed and evaluated options for a US contribution to T-NAWDEX and plan to apply for the NCAR/NSF GV (HIAPER). Also in the UK, T-NAWDEX is regarded as a potentially attractive extension of their current DIAMET project.

T-NAWDEX will be a large international field project shortly after the end of THORPEX. This campaign can play a fundamental role in bridging the gap between THORPEX and the THORPEX legacy projects.


This meeting shall serve as an orientation point for the planning process, a get-together of interested parties, and a discussion on how scientific aims have evolved since 2009. The outcome of this meeting shall be a working paper on the scientific objectives and implementation of an international field campaign T-NAWDEX in 2016.



Half of the day is reserved for solicited presentations that will outline the scientific motivation of T-NAWDEX, report about the lessons learnt from previous field campaigns, inform about potential linkages to ongoing and future projects, and summarize some already existing national plans for a contribution to T-NAWDEX.

Planned are talks about:

  • Scientific Motivation (Future role of THORPEX, Overview of the Erding discussion)
  • Previous field experiments (DIAMET, HYMEX, T-NAWDEX-Falcon)
  •  HALO Mission planning (ML-Cirrus, possibilities for payloads)
  •  Future Plans (US TNAWDEX, UK TNAWDEX, German TNAWDEX)

The rest of the day is reserved for an open discussion also on specific scientific hypotheses that could be addressed within T-NAWDEX. A detailed agenda will be provided soon.


THORPEX Programme: Sarah Jones(DWD), Brian Golding(UK Met-Office)

T-NAWDEX Programme: Andreas Schäfler(DLR)

WMO contacts: Tetsuo Nakazawa, Jim Caughey, Nathalie Tournier

Local organisation and contact: Aurelia Müller, KIT (aurelia.mueller@kit.edu)



The workshop took place 20 March 2013 at the Institute for Meteorology and Climate Research, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Campus South

The workshop was preceded by the THORPEX HIW meeting.