Moist processes and diabatic Rossby wavesEnsembles and adaptivityUpper-level Rossby wave trains: generation, propagation and wave-breakingEuropean WindstormsSevere convection in EuropeMediterranean cyclonesHigh Impact WeatherTropical cyclones and their transformation into extratropical systems

  Predictability ANd Dynamics Of Weather Systems in the Atlantic-European Sector


PANDOWAE is a research group (FOR896) of the DFG  and has the aim to contribute to the improvement of  the quality of  high-impact weather (HIW) forecast. The group does represent a strong German contribution to the  "World Weather Research Programme" THORPEX of the World Meteorological Organisation WMO. It was applied for six years and is organised in two phases for each three years. The research group is now in the second phase which will last until 2014. Research is structured into three areas. Tools are data of several operational forecast models. Work will also be done on further development of the models and development innovative interactive weather forecasting systems.