Related field campaigns


In Phase 1 PANDOWAE contributed to a number of field campaigns. During Phase 2 PANDOWAE research will play a crucial role in shaping the proposed field campaign T-NAWDEX and will contribute to distinct aspects of HYMEX.

T-PARC, proposed for 2008 by the North American and Asian Regional Committees. HALO is a new German platform for airborne atmospheric science and Earth observation based on the Gulfstream G550 that will be available for research missions from 2010. The first missions will be demonstration missions provided with a budget of 50 flight hours each. Two of these missions, HALO-NEPTUN and HALO-THORPEX are very relevant for PANDOWAE and the coordinators of the missions are members of the research group. This PANDOWAE research will contribute to the planning of the missions and to the analysis of the data obtained. On the longer time scale PANDOWAE research will shape the development of a European-led THORPEX regional campaign T-NAWDEX. A number of PANDOWAE PIs participated in a European THORPEX workshop at which this experiment was proposed. The research proposed in PANDOWAE would enhance the possibility of realising the T-NAWDEX campaign. Another campaign which is important for PANDOWAE research is AMMA.

Parallel to MED, measurements on Mediterranean cyclogenesis and convection will be done in the framework of the French research initiative HyMeX (The Hydrological Cycle in the Mediterranean Experiment) conducted in 2012. The participation of IMK in HyMeX is approved for the regional convective scale (1 year high resolution measurements on Corsica 2012-2013) as well as for the larger synoptic scale in fall 2012 (additional airborne measurements of surface fluxes and high resolution vertical profiling within and around deep convective cells).

One important part of DIAP  is the T-NAWDEX Falcon measurement campaign which took place in October.